In love with Mulberry

The Bagscout
7 March 2019

Mulberry AmberleyI’m mega into Mulberry lately. I never really was a fan. I considered the bags as okay, but not that fascinating. Sometimes even a bit dull. Yes, the bayswater was (and still is) an enormous it bag, but nothing special in my eyes. But suddenly something changed! In my opinion they really stepped up their game and nowadays I almost love every single piece. So what happened?

Johnny Coca

I think it started with the arrival of Johnny Coca, but first a little throwback to the beginning. Mulberry was founded in 1971 in Somerset, England. The founder, Roger Saul, based the logo ( a tree) and name on the trees he would pass every day on his way to school. Since you can consider Mulberry as very British, Saul tried to make a combination of city (London) and country (Somerset) concerning his designs. Bags like the Bayswater and Alexa (named after Alexa Chung) became real icons and luckily, that very British identity is still very important and always present nowadays. In a more modern way of course. I personally love that British country vibe, but maybe that’s because I always dream of Somerset hahahah. Continue reading In love with Mulberry

Spring vibes

The Bagscout
28 February 2019

spring vibesI don’t know what about you, but I already have massive spring vibes. Yes, it’s still winter, but the weather has been pretty amazing here in Ollanda lately. I can’t remember that I ever had lunch outside at the 15th of February ever before in my life. Some people already quit wearing their coats, but hey it’s still mega chilly in the morning. But to be honest this sunny weather makes you hate your winter coat and big jumpers. You just don’t want to wear them anymore and all you can think about is a whole new wardrobe. What can I say, spring vibes all over the place! I already lightened up my hair, so now it’s time for some brighter clothes, hahah.

Colour bomb

I have one goal for spring and summer 2019: I want to wear more colour! I already mentioned before that I love colour, but that I sometimes have a hard time combining them (you can read it in a earlier post here). There are already some coloured items for the top of the body (a pink jumper, a green blazer) present in my closet, but I think none for the bottom. And that has to change. Continue reading Spring vibes

Bold coloured designer bags du jour

The Bagscout
14 February 2019

Good news: finally some new bags again on the blog! Some coloured designer bags to be precisely. Since January and February are not my favorite months, I decided to do something with colour. Maybe that will change my mood, hahaha. I’m always the first one to tell you that you always have to buy a designer bag in a neutral colour. Because I think that the love will last longer. A neutral colour is way more timeless and you don’t just get bored that easily. But I have to admit I’m slowly changing my mind, because I see so many pretty coloured designer bags lately. Especially Mulberry and JW Anderson are offering some cool bags in amazing colours. So, here are my favorite coloured designer bags for coming seasons:

coloured designer bags flap bag orange Chanel
Chanel orange flap bag:

Okay this bag is top of the bill and waaaaaay above budget, but I saw this one on Insta and I was hooked. As a Dutch girl I have to love this, since orange is our national colour, hahaha. Just kidding, this colour is super bright, and screams summer. The use of various materials makes it playful. The website doesn’t show us much info, only that it’s a calfskin crossbody with golden details. The price is € 3.650,- and in blue also. (Source picture: Chanel) Continue reading Bold coloured designer bags du jour

My inspiration book

The Bagscout
28 January 2019

inspiration bookLast year I already wrote an article about mood boards (you can read it back here) . That I love making them ever since I was little and that I also find it very therapeutic. I also told you I started an inspiration book. I hereby want to share my thoughts with you why I think it’s a very good idea for you to start a inspiration book too!

Why I think you should start one too

I started this book, because I wanted to write down the way I would like to present myself. I’m always asking myself the question “what would they like to tell us?”. Same goes for myself. You know I love Insta, but I don’t want to post random stuff. I want to tell you something, show you the real me. So I started writing down my core values and the personal characteristics I want to add to the things I share. For instance one of my core values is always being authentic and a thing I like to show is the fact that I don’t like taking life to seriously. From there I started collecting images, quotes, you name it. But it all says something about me. For example Insta accounts I really love or quotes from strong woman about wearing whatever you like. Continue reading My inspiration book

How to make a designer bag a little more street?

The Bagscout
10 January 2019

street styleI once had this colleague who believes that a girl can only wear an expensive bag if she is wearing expensive shoes too. In other words if you wear an expensive bag the rest has to be posh also. In my opinion that’s the biggest b*llshit ever. Especially nowadays, because streetwear is it. The runway shows are fun, but not achievable for the average girl. Street style is what you need to check! But how do you make your designer a little street without downgrading it?

A little street style never hurt nobody

The ones that follow me for a while now, know that I ONLY wear sneakers and Dr. Martens. I love to gaze at heels, but I hate wearing them. My favorites are Nike Air Max, in every possible way and my white Air Forces. You also know that I love my Céline. It never in a million years occurred to me, that this is a weird combination. In fact, add a big coat, and voila there is my favorite outfit. I think street style is the biggest source of inspiration. Continue reading How to make a designer bag a little more street?

Good intentions

The Bagscout
3 January 2019

good intentions The BagscoutHappy new year!! Pfff, suddenly it’s 2019! Don’t you feel like 2018 passed by in a blink of an eye? Insane. But hey, time flies when you are having fun. 2018 was a busy and rather stressful year for me. I finished another study successfully, found a new house, moved in with the boyfriend and sold my old home (of course you already know everything about it, but you can read it here or here). To be honest I’m looking forward to this new year which will hopefully will be a bit more relaxed. And of course a new year means it’s time for some always returning good intentions also!

Goals or good intentions?

I have to admit I’m not a big fan of good intentions by the beginning of a new year. It’s a bit nonsense I always think. I mean you can quit smoking in June too if you want. And it doesn’t have to be January the first to leave the cookie jar alone. But I do think it’s a good thing to set yourself some goals every now and then. And so did I. And accidentally it’s a new year ;-). So for the first time in my life I have good intentions. Continue reading Good intentions

Dressing up for Christmas: yay or nay?

The Bagscout
13 December 2018

dressing upHoliday is over and I’m back in Ollanda again! I finally had the time to chill and read some books/magazines. Heavenly I can tell you. I can think straight again and feel happier than a few weeks ago. I’m glad, because it’s festive season and Christmas is around the corner! I loooove festive season! The city is pretty, lights everywhere (did you already checked De Bijenkorf?!), beautiful storefronts and everybody is cheery. It’s that whole vibe, I just love it. And……………’s time for dressing up again!

Glitter or onesie?

So, next weeks will be dominated by scoring the perfect Christmas gifts. But just as important as the gifts, is the outfit: what the F to wear? Every year it’s the same question……….go big or go home? Glitter galore or a onesie? I have to admit I like dressing up and I love the idea of a long table full of people fully dressed up with feathers, smoky eyes and ties. But unfortunately, not everybody feels the same way, hahah. Continue reading Dressing up for Christmas: yay or nay?

Finally done moving

The Bagscout
28 November 2018

Finally done moving (The Bagscout)Joe joe! A little sign of life from my side. So last month was all about moving, getting used to the new house and selling the old one (you can read my earlier post about is wonderful serene situation here). I was (and still am a bit) exhausted! So hence the silence. But you can’t feel sorry for yourself the whole time, haha, so here I’m again.

Moving from old to new

I considered moving to my new house as exhausting and emotional too. I lived in my old house all by myself for nine years and it was my own girlie place. So I had a hard time with it. To be honest, I cried for a whole week. But last week I sold it to a girl with the same age I had when I moved in to my previous apartment, so I’m glad it stays that way.

Now I moved to an apartment with much more space on a beautiful location in Amsterdam Noord, but since we got more space, the living room is very empty too atm. We still need a dining table, chairs, a way bigger couch and a lot of other things. So it still needs to get cozy (it’s “gezellig” in Dutch, but there is not really a word for it, haha. It’s like the Danish “ Hygge”) and the boy and I got very cranky every now and then. We spent whole sundays in furniture shopping malls. But we are getting there. Step by step. And good news, this tower is my new daily view and I think it will never bore me.

So I didn’t had much time lately to shoot content and I was so braindead that I didn’t had the inspiration to even write one decent sentence. But as you see, it’s getting better, haha. I did some shooting with my girl Lil last weekend which gave me energy and once you start writing, the rest will come naturally. I even got some new ideas too. But first a holiday! The boy and I have decided we need some sun, so we will be flying to Cape Verde this Friday. First some relaxing, reading a shitload of magazines and sunny pictures, and after that I’ll be back again with a lot of fashion, bags and myself hahah.

See you soon!

Lots of love Mandy

Personal note: a new home!

The Bagscout
24 October 2018

The Bagscout new homeJoe joe! A little personal note this week. I’ve been a little MIA every now and then lately, but of course everything happens for a reason: I found myself a new home! Okay the boy and I found ourselves a new home. We are going to live together for the first time, so excited! So from next week on it will be team Smit & De Groot. We are going to live in Amsterdam-Noord, on the other side of the water (het IJ), which is booming at the moment.

New home vs old one

But everyone who has moved before knows, it’s a lot of work and we don’t even live there yet. And I still got my own place that I have to sell, which is stressful. Anyways, I think it’s stressful, very stressful. It doesn’t work out the way I had in mind, like always with this kind of things. We still have to sign the contract of our new home, while we get the key next week. Continue reading Personal note: a new home!

Louis Vuitton New Wave Bag

The Bagscout
11 October 2018

New Wave Bag Louis VuittonAs you know I’m not that big of a fan of Louis Vuitton, so I’m a little late with this anouncement, haha. Probably you already know there is a new kid in town: the New Wave Bag. And since I’m all about giving everything a chance, here’s my opininion about this 80’s kid.

The New Wave Bag

The New Wave Bag is not a typical Louis Vuitton bag. The bags are inspired by the 80’s music trend “New Wave” and available in various, bold, colours with names like Malibu Green and Smoothie Pink. Of course also available in the classic colours black, red and white. There’s no New Wave Bag with a monogram, but ofcourse it’s not easy to miss the LV logo. It’s pretty in your face. Continue reading Louis Vuitton New Wave Bag