Dressing up for Christmas: yay or nay?

The Bagscout
13 December 2018

dressing upHoliday is over and I’m back in Ollanda again! I finally had the time to chill and read some books/magazines. Heavenly I can tell you. I can think straight again and feel happier than a few weeks ago. I’m glad, because it’s festive season and Christmas is around the corner! I loooove festive season! The city is pretty, lights everywhere (did you already checked De Bijenkorf?!), beautiful storefronts and everybody is cheery. It’s that whole vibe, I just love it. And……………..it’s time for dressing up again!

Glitter or onesie?

So, next weeks will be dominated by scoring the perfect Christmas gifts. But just as important as the gifts, is the outfit: what the F to wear? Every year it’s the same question……….go big or go home? Glitter galore or a onesie? I have to admit I like dressing up and I love the idea of a long table full of people fully dressed up with feathers, smoky eyes and ties. But unfortunately, not everybody feels the same way, hahah.


My boyfriend always asks me, do I have to wear a suit if we are visiting your parents at Christmas time? Me: no, you can wear whatever you want. Also me: put on a glittery dress, red lips and a wetlook hairdo. The boy confused. “ You told me I didn’t have to dress up”, hahah. But I like it, it’s the only time of the year ( except if you are Meghan Markle, Kate Moss or some other A-lister) that you can go in full effect.

I’m not sure what I’m going to wear this year, but I’m feeling like making an effort and dressing up a bit. I’m thinking of an all black outfit, a slick hair do and go big with make-up and earrings for day one. For day two maybe the outfit can be a bit more enthusiastic. Don’t know for sure yet, but something like that. I have to look for a new dress though. I think Pinterest will be my best friend the coming days, hahah. If you really are having a hard time finding the perfect outfit, there are always items you never can go wrong with.

Save choices for dressing up

dressing up Cara Delevingne YSLLike a tuxedo, especially a look-a-like of the iconic YSL Le Smoking Suit. I mean, how sexy can you be! It’s classy and badass at the same time. For some inspiration, check Kate Moss or Cara Delevingne. I think they are queens if it comes to tuxedos. But also take a look at the former 90’s super models like for example Claudia Schiffer (still super beautiful btw). She nails the YSL tuxedo! Or a little black dress, but warning, it can be a bit dull also. So, wear some coloured heels or some other eyecatchers like a metallic headband or a red lip. Play a little. Paint your nails all glittery or something.

In this months Vogue I saw that the 80’s are back on track again. Since I’m a 80’s kid, I absolutely love it. And it’s also a style you can go all the way with. Slip dresses, velvet, big bows, long satin gloves, you name it and it’s possible. And it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, cause you always can find an amazing item in a second hand store. But I’m sure you can find a slip dress at Zara or H&M also ( for example here ). It’s all about playing a bit with it and have some imagination. You really can be Linda Evangelista if you want, haha. Dressing up should be fun.

So I’m very curious if you are all about dressing up or not. Maybe you like to chill in your track suit and that’s fine too of course. Let me know! And if you have some suggestions, let me know too!

Next week I will post some accessories that in my opinion really can give your outfit that little bit extra from top till botom!

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