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25 August 2017

Cos Folded leather shopperOkay, I came to the conclusion that I’m horrible at selecting real budget bags for you guys, haha. I can’t help it, but I like a good quality and soft leather and before you know, again it is a shopper that’s a little more expensive than I had in mind. I’m sorry, I will step up my game 😉

The other day I visited the COS store, part of the H&M Group. COS is known for their wardrobe essentials with a clean and minimal look. Their items are not seasonal at all, so they can be worn throughout the year. The same goes for their bags. Always functional with a timeless look and without the unnecessary extra’s.

That also applies to this shopper that is made of soft and lightly grained leather. What you can’t see at this pic, is that you can unfold it! Which means a lot, and I mean a lot, of space for all your stuff. Now that is what I call a pleasant surprise! The bag has leather handles and a metal zipper in the middle. It’s a pretty big bag, but I like the chunky look. I’m a huge fan of the, as I call it, “big” look (big coat + big scarf) and this bag fits perfectly, even if you are a midget like me.

So, whether you want to use it for groceries, the gym or school, this shopper can manage it all. The shopper comes in black and costs € 190,-. If you want to take a closer look, take a look at their website and click here.




  1. I got this bag myself on impulse shopping. It’s the best impulsive buy, EVER! I love quirky, functional, classy lines…this bag ticks all the boxes. Highly recommended for shopping, holiday breaks, going to the gym or an overnight bag. Very versatile. Go get one for yourself now!

    1. Aaaah that’s good to hear Cat! Good impulsive purchases are the best! I love the feeling of being super happy with something you accidentaly discovered. It’s sounds like you have four bags in one. Thnx for your reaction and I will run to COS to see if I still can find one!

    1. Hi! Excuses for the late reaction. I checked it on their website ( and you are right. It’s not available anymore. I wrote the article in 2017, so it’s an old collection. But I do saw this one and it looks a bit like the folded shopper Maybe it’s a bit different, but not that much. I do like it :-)!

      Good luck at finding the perfect bag!

      Lot of love Mandy

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