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7 March 2019

Mulberry AmberleyI’m mega into Mulberry lately. I never really was a fan. I considered the bags as okay, but not that fascinating. Sometimes even a bit dull. Yes, the bayswater was (and still is) an enormous it bag, but nothing special in my eyes. But suddenly something changed! In my opinion they really stepped up their game and nowadays I almost love every single piece. So what happened?

Johnny Coca

I think it started with the arrival of Johnny Coca, but first a little throwback to the beginning. Mulberry was founded in 1971 in Somerset, England. The founder, Roger Saul, based the logo ( a tree) and name on the trees he would pass every day on his way to school. Since you can consider Mulberry as very British, Saul tried to make a combination of city (London) and country (Somerset) concerning his designs. Bags like the Bayswater and Alexa (named after Alexa Chung) became real icons and luckily, that very British identity is still very important and always present nowadays. In a more modern way of course. I personally love that British country vibe, but maybe that’s because I always dream of Somerset hahahah.

Okay, back to Johnny. Johnny Coca joined Mulberry in 2015 and in my opinion he brought some fun and coolness. Before him being the creative director, the handbags already were know as classy, but he made the bags cool and classy. And yes, I can remember the discussions. Some die hard old school fans did not liked the fact that he changed the logo and the hardware. But sometimes change is good and I really think he did the brand a favor. At least that my opinion, because he made me a fan. And if I’m right the sales increased big time too.

Raspberry pink or cobalt

Coca wants to design beautiful items that can be used everyday. He also has an enormous passion for colour and that is exactly what he brought, colour. Amazing colours if I must say. What to think of Raspberry pink, Azure or Maize yellow. He introduced a lot of new bags, like the Seaton, Leighton and Harlow. Of the newbies, Amberley and Darley are my absolute favorites. Super sophisticated and playful at the same time. His colourful bags really can add a statement to your outfit. Take the above yellow Amberley in croco style for example. It really spices up your whole appearance, don’t you think.

I think he did a good job with those new lines, some of the bags are available in various versions, but of course you can always stick to the real classics like the Bayswater or the Lily, my favorite of the classics. All bags are available in bold colours and in timeless colours. Since you see a lot of style icons like Emili Lindsev and Jeanette Madsen wearing Coca’s bags, mostly coloured ones, you can say they are back on track.

Mulberry Lily or Darley?

Mulberry medium LilySo, I’m thinking about getting myself a Mulberry for a while now (read here my earlier mention about the battle between a Mulberry and YSL). A medium black Lily with silver hardware, because I think silver is a bit cooler than gold and suits my personality better. But now I paid a bit more attention to the Darley concerning this post, and that’s also a very attractive option. Practical, cute, with a long strap, but only available with golden hardware and a bit smaller than the medium Lily. Too small for my wallet I think, hahaha. Hmmmmm, tough decision………..(source picture

What do you think?

P.s. This is an old article, but a nice one. It shows how you can combine the various Mulberry bags

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