Bring back Phoebe Philo!

The Bagscout
1 October 2018

Celine team Phoebe PhiloI can hear you think, there she is whining again about Celine. Blahblahblah. I will promise this will be the last thing I’ll say about it. I’m just sad you know. I spent the whole Saturday talking with other disappointed fans trough my Instagram private inbox. And today I still am. We want Phoebe Philo back!

This was everything we were afraid of ( you can read my earlier post about my worries here). A second YSL. Bleeegh boring! Hedi lives in a world where everybody wears black and sequins. In f-ing spring! And where every girl is skinny and boyish. Where did the colour and the creativity go? And the real woman? Phoebe Philo was all about real woman. She understood us and that’s why Céline (so Céline, not Celine) build a massive amount of fans.

It may sound weird, but I really am sad. I loved this brand, every part of it. The photography by Juergen Teller, the interior of the shops, the knotted jewelry. And suddenly I have to find me a new favorite brand. Me and my Céline (again Céline, not Celine) friends were already discussing about what other brand that will be, hahaha. One said Jil Sander, one other said Loewe. I don’t know yet. I hope Phoebe will start somewhere new soon

Yesterday in the Celine boutique in Amsterdam it was crowded, very crowded. I think everybody wants a last memory of what Celine was. Phoebe Philo’s Celine. They already changed the name and I heard the sales man say, that everything will change in February. I hope they will do a sale before they burn everything down. Otherwise I don’t think I will do another Celine purchase. No sale, no purchase.

Bye bye Céline it was a pleasure!

Lots of love #teamphoebe

Dress Scandinavian

The Bagscout
21 September 2018

Dress ScandinavianHow to dress Scandinavian? That’s the question Pernille Teisbaek discusses in her book that was published last year. Since I’m a massive fan of everything Scandinavian, I had to buy it. Scandinavian interiors, Hygge, IKEA and a whole lot of stores of the H&M Group (COS, &Other Stories), I like it all. So during my few days off a couple of weeks ago, I finally had the time to read her book.

Dress Scandinavian

But how do you dress Scandinavian? According to Pernille it’s all about clean, minimalistic vibes and a few good basic items. Mostly in not too flashy colours. Think of grey, beige and dark blue. In her book she names a few items that every woman should have in their wardrobe, like a pencil skirt, a white shirt and a blazer. And she is all about jeans and trainers. She is that girl that’s a star in the ‘blazer + hoodie + jeans + trainers’ combo. I just love Pernille! Continue reading Dress Scandinavian

Chloé Tess Bag

The Bagscout
11 September 2018

Chloé Tess Bag burnt brownWell guys, there is a new kid in town: the Chloé Tess Bag! Since I own a See by Chloé bag that’s registered by Chloé, I receive e-mails every week. So a few weeks ago I received an e-mail to introduce their newest bag. And you know me, I have to fall in love with a bag. It has to be love at first sight. And with the Chloé Tess Bag it was.

Details of the Chloé Tess Bag

The bag is a combination of shiny and suede calfskin and has a round silhouette. Tess comes in two sizes, small and large, and in the front you can find that beautiful golden “O” signature. You know I don’t like too flashy, but I don’t mind Chloé’s golden details. As a matter of fact, they just bring a little extra. You can carry it in your hand, over your shoulders or cross-body. The bag comes with two straps, a long one and a short one, that you can adjust or remove and will close by a magnet. Continue reading Chloé Tess Bag

September issues

The Bagscout
6 September 2018

September issues coat Stand OfficialDo you already have butterflies in your stomach too? I mean, come on guys it’s September! Time for a new fashion season and my absolute favorite. I love love love the autumn/winter collections. All those knitted jumpers and hats are bringing me instant happiness. And don’t even start about all the magazines, the September issues. I mean I do love summer, because of the sun and stuff, but if it comes to outfits I wish it was autumn all year.

Fall vibes

It’s hard to explain, but I do fall a little bit in love when I see an autumnal image. I think it’s those colours, the vibe and the layering of the outfits. I don’t know, but it’s the whole shebang, I just love it. In a earlier post I already mentioned, that I’m not that fan of summery clothes (you can read it here). It makes me a bit self-conscious and I just like myself better with some more clothes on. It’s more me! And one loves a good bold summery earring and I just love hats and caps. I really can’t wait to wear my Isabel Marant cap again. You know what I mean?! Continue reading September issues

Viktor & Rolf: Fashion Artists 25 Years

The Bagscout
23 August 2018

Viktor & Rolf: Fashion Artists 25 Years Last weekend I have visited the exhibition Viktor & Rolf: Fashion Artists 25 Years in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. Like the title already reveals, it’s an exhibition on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of this fashion duo. The exhibition shows more than 60 beautiful pieces.

About Viktor & Rolf

Viktor Hosting and Rolf Snoeren met each other in 1988 during their first year of the Academie voor Beeldende kunsten in Arnhem (ArtEZ, University of the Arts), which study they finished in 1992. While they were graduating, it became clear they share a similar vision when it comes up to fashion and a collaboration between both was born. At first the world of fashion was not that interested. The museums were, they saw it as art , but the buyers and magazines were a bit hesitant. Until their first of five haute couture shows in a row in Paris in 1998.

They became more popular and they finally got the change to create a ready-to-wear collection. From 2000 until 2013 they had their focus on the ready-to-wear collections, the last years they only create haute couture. Continue reading Viktor & Rolf: Fashion Artists 25 Years

A.P.C. Half Moon Bag

The Bagscout
21 August 2018

A.P.C. Half Moon BagIf we talk about real Parisian chic, A.P.C. definitely belongs on the list of real French brands. The A.P.C. Half Moon Bag is on my wish list for ages, but recently my mother bought one, haha. Okay, I have to admit, she was looking for a new bag and I recommended this one. You can’t keep everything to yourself of course. And a little advantage, I can borrow it!

The A.P.C. Half Moon Bag

A.P.C. is a French ready-to-wear brand founded in 1987 by Jean Touitou in Paris. The brand may not be that well known by the million, although you can find a A.P.C. store in almost every cool city like Toyko, London etc. With of course a flagship store in Paris. The brand is know for its minimalist designs and that typical French “je ne sais quoi” vibe, like Breton striped sweaters. Super pretty basics, without being boring. Touitou has an aversion to all that’s flashy and keeps away from logo’s, award shows and stuff like that. He especially does his own thing, and doesn’t care about what other brands do at all. The early fashion adopters embraced the brand immediately, but I still think it’s a bit underrated. Continue reading A.P.C. Half Moon Bag

Loewe’s Gate Bag

The Bagscout
9 August 2018

Gate Bag Loewe caramel pecan

Tell me, what do you actually know about Loewe (pronunciation: loh-wev-eh)? If I speak for myself, not that much if I have to be honest. Yes, I know and she calls herself a handbag expert, hahah. Yes, of course I know they are from Spain. And yes, I saw the Puzzle Bags and the elephants too, but I never paid that much attention to this designer brand. Until I saw their collection for coming season. I love it and especially the Gate Bag! So time for some research.

Before we discuss the Gate Bag, first a bit about Loewe as a brand. Loewe was found in 1846 and is a Spanish luxury brand based in Madrid. Not only do they sell fashion items and bags, but also home products, fragrances and other accessories. Since 2013 Jonathan Anderson (yes, that’s the same one as J.W. Anderson and the “piercing” bags) is their creative director. Since he arrived, they really stepped up their game. Some bags, like the Amazona (Loewe’s iconic bag) and Flamenco, got a new look. And they also added some new it-bags to the collection, for example the Puzzle Bag. You can call it a revival of Loewe, cause the arrival of Anderson brought a whole new crowd. Suddenly it was all over the place. Continue reading Loewe’s Gate Bag

Only happy vibes

The Bagscout
7 August 2018

happy vibesI have noticed that, considering the volatile and stressful world we live in nowadays, I more and more am looking for some happy vibes. Not only in life, but also in clothes and style. In the early days of my 20’s I easily struggled myself into a pencil skirt like Kim K, but nowadays I already have trouble breathing when I think about it, haha.

Loose fit

I like some comfort with a certain feeling. A bit bohemian, but not too hippie. And with too hippie I mean that whole Ibiza vibe with dozens of fringes, ruffles and ten thousand bracelets. That’s fun when you actually are in Ibiza, but not in down to earth Holland. I’m that girl with a long skirt and a jumper. Or a legging, dr. Martens, an oversized t-shirt and a big burgundy furry coat. But unfortunately I cannot wear that kind of outfits on a daily base. Although I think I’m the only legal secretary who walks barefoot at the office, haha. Continue reading Only happy vibes

So fresh and so clean

The Bagscout
1 August 2018

crispy white shirtsYou all know I can appreciate a good print. I even did an ode to the leopard print (click here, in case you suffer from oblivion). But just like my shopping habits, my taste has changed a bit too I guess. I’m all about crispy white shirts, neutral colours and golden details lately. It’s all about a fresh and clean look, with some dreamy details!

I always had a lot of clothes, and I still have, but I shop way less than before. Uhuh, I sound like a granny right now, but I noticed that I’m getting a little bit older. I used to party a lot, and of course I needed a brand new outfit for every occasion. Bold colours, sparkles, you name it and I had it. Nowadays, I’m more like “let’s get dinner or a drink”. Instead of having pieces for a specific occasion, I try to build a wardrobe that’s useful for multiple occasions. Of course, a wedding asks for a special dress and Christmas also, but nine times out of ten I go to dinner after work. It’s the trick to pick an outfit that’s fun and representative for both. An effortlessly cool look is always a good idea. If you got some good items, it’s easy to combine and you can always spice it up with a fun item. Continue reading So fresh and so clean

The Dior Saddle Bag is back!

The Bagscout
30 July 2018
Dior Saddle Bag

About a week or so the whole blogger world shouted it out: the Dior Saddle Bag is back! Dozens of Insta posts with this iconic bag filled my screen. A little jealous and insulted of course, because they forgot to send me one, but hey it’s already forgiven, haha.

The Dior Saddle Bag made its entrance in the early 2000’s. The bag, kinda kidney shaped, became a huge hit immediately. John Galliano released it in various coulours, patterns and of course the iconic Dior logo. The bag was so popular, they weren’t able to keep them in stock. Of course, the fact that even Carrie Bradshaw carried one with her in (the also iconic show) Sex & the City, didn’t do them a favor too.It became a real It-bag at that time. Logo’s al over the place.

But as happens often unfortunately, people forgot a bit about the bag. Especially, post-Galliano. Of course the saddle bags still were available in vintage stores and online vintage websites. Continue reading The Dior Saddle Bag is back!