The Bagscout 2.0

The Bagscout
25 July 2018

The BagscoutGuess who’s bahack? Good news……………I finished my study successfully! Whoop Whoop! I had to post this article a little later than I had in mind, because the last part of my study really sucked all the energy out of me. I really wasn’t able to think anymore for a few days! No energy, a major lack of inspiration, not good. It took me about a week and a half to manage chilling again. Who reckon relaxing can be so hard. But hey, slowly it’s coming back, and guess what……….. I have got spare time again! So time to spice this blog up. The Bagscout 2.0, here we come!

New goals for The Bagscout

I just started making new plans for this blog. Maybe starting a blog and a study at the same time not might have been very convenient, because I didn’t had the time to make a decent plan. And some idea’s just didn’t work out the way I had in mind. But that’s okay, it’s a learning process ;-).

Since I call myself The Bagscout, I got to write about bags, don’t you think. Unfortunately, I didn’t had time to go to a store or didn’t feel like getting inspired by other things the last months, so the bags disappeared a bit to the background. I’m sorry for that, but I will repack myself with fresh energy.

From this day on I will post two articles a week, at least that’s my intention. #goals! And yes, I promise one of those weekly articles will be about bags ;-). If you have a suggestion or a subject you would like to know more about, just leave a comment, send me an e-mail or a DM on Instagram. I would love to know more about your interests too!

Ooooh, and if I’m correctly, I’ve got a new subscribe plugin that actually works! So if you like me to keep you posted about new blog posts, just leave your e-mail and you will be the first to know.

Lots of love, Mandy

The law of attraction

The Bagscout
25 June 2018

Prada Cahier favorite bagWhen you ask a girl about her dream bag, nine times out of ten she will answer a Chanel 2.55 or a Birkin. But nine times out of ten I think, these bags don’t even fit you. For these girls these bags are a holy grail, but why is this their favorite bag actually? The question I ask myself a lot is, why someone is attracted to a certain bag or designer. Is it just taste, status or a certain feeling?

Don’t get me wrong, I looove a beautiful Birkin, but that bag is Victoria Beckham. Not Mandy de Groot from Amsterdam. It’s way too classy for me. I will get all nervous and stuff and I think most of my girls will do too. I wonder if most of the women who buy designer stuff always pay attention to their personality. Do they really love it, like I do, or do they just want to have it because it’s the bag du jour. Do you know what I mean? I’m just curious, cause sometimes I see women with bags (or other designer stuff) that really don’t fit them. Continue reading The law of attraction

It’s Céline again….the Cabas Phantom!

The Bagscout
14 June 2018

Cabas PhantomSo I suddenly realized last week that, besides &Other Stories and Zara, I hadn’t visited a decent store in months. Let alone see some new bags in real life. Even not at De Bijenkorf, my favorite (and also almost the only one in Amsterdam, haha) department store with a huge floor of designer bags and shop in shops like Céline and Gucci. Still super busy with studying and the weather was outstanding lately. Who wants to be inside when the sun is out? Exactly! And we live in Holland so sunny days are a kind of rare, haha.

But I started to miss it. Sounds a bit shallow, but it makes me happy. And I felt a bit guilty, because the main topic of this blog is bags. Who has a blog about bags, but don’t talk about bags? Not me of course, so time for some action! So, Friday after work, De Bijenkorf it was. We all know by now that Céline is my favorite. There is a shop in shop with bags, sunnies and jewelry downstairs and on the second floor you can find a Céline part with some bags, but mostly clothes. I like making conversation with the sales people. So I made friends with the floor manager and asked her if it was okay to take some pics for my blog. Continue reading It’s Céline again….the Cabas Phantom!


The Bagscout
31 May 2018

moodboardsI love making moodboards! Ever since I was little I collect magazines and tear out everything I like. Fashion, interior, people, flowers, it doesn’t matter. I have this weird quality that I can fall in love with images and that can really be everything. A beautiful coloured painting or flowers, you name it. I truly can get moved by an image. No wonder I love Instagram and Pinterest that much. Images all day, everyday.

When I was young I had a bulletin board, lots of scrapbooks and my closet was covered with (mostly) beauty campaigns. And I was always busy with magazines. Now I’m in my thirties and I still collect magazines and images. When I left my parental house and bought my own house, I also made moodboards. One for my bedroom, bathroom and living room. It’s a bit scary when you going to live on your own, but this made it real and excited. I finally was able to decide by myself how my house would look like and now I finally could visualize it. Continue reading Moodboards

I have this thing with yellow

The Bagscout
24 May 2018

yellow maxidressSo, a few of my followers on Insta already noticed, that I’m totally into yellow lately. A bright jumper, Chanel’s nr. 592 Giallo Napoli and my latest brilliant catch, a yellow maxi dress with floral print. In my world this colour means summer! I really think yellow can bring you happiness, and some happy thoughts. So hereby I make a plea why everyone should collect some yellow items.

Sunflowers, lemons, the sun of course, it all screams summer. Who doesn’t love the image of a white beach, turquoise sea and yellow beach chairs in combination with a the same colour umbrella. I swear, when I’m having the winter blues, I think about that image. Last weekend my boyfriend and I had a picnic in a field full of buttercups. Really, I couldn’t be more happier. And accidently it happened to be that I had a very bad mood that day. Gone at the end of the day! I kid you not. And that’s why I think everybody should add some yellow to their lives. Continue reading I have this thing with yellow

A summery bag

The Bagscout
17 May 2018

Summer is around the corner! So it’s time for some colour, big ass statement earrings, some cute sandals and of course a summery bag. A few weeks ago I shared some pretty cute pink bags, but nothing beats a handbag with a real deal summer vibe. Jane Birkin move over with your basket, here are some serious competitors. Holiday galore!


Summery bag Small Ark Watermelon1. Acrylic Ark Watermelon – Cult Gaia

Okay, nothing screams more summer to me than the bags of Cult Gaia. Maybe because it makes me think of popsicle sticks or something, I don’t know. I have been obsessed with this bags since I first saw them. But hey, I live in Holland, so not really an option. My favorite Cult Gaia bag this summer season is this watermelon coloured one. Such a cute colour! Tip: check their earrings as well, to die for! (source picture: Cult Gaia) Continue reading A summery bag

The Bagscout at Young Urban Sound

The Bagscout
9 May 2018

Young Urban SoundLast Friday I had my radio debut! Yes, you read it correctly, I did my first radio interview ever. The Young Urban Sound invited me to talk about my blog and interrogated me about tips and tricks when it comes to designer bags.

A pretty big thing for someone who doesn’t like to be in the spotlights, I can tell you. Luckily for me it was radio and not television, haha. I must say, I really was a bit proud of myself. From not wanting to start a blog, because “everybody has a blog nowadays, who wants to hear my stuff” to telling about my passion on the radio. I think that everyone who puts themselves out there is insecure at certain moments. You really want people to love what you love so much. And sometimes I’m even a bit scared that someone will stand up and tells me that I’m talking nonsense. Despite the fact that I know that I’m not talking BS and I know what I’m talking about. Getting out of your comfort zone, they call it I guess. Pfff pretty scary sometimes, haha. Continue reading The Bagscout at Young Urban Sound

Summer essentials

The Bagscout
3 May 2018

summer essentialsI don’t shop as much as I did a few years ago, but what never changed is the fact that I’m always excited when a new fashion season starts. New stuff is always fun! It starts with buying the fashion issues of the magazines and from there I’m going to think, what will work for me. I did some ss18 shopping before I went to Curacao and at that time there was a limited collection of summer clothes. Nevertheless I want to share a few of my first purchased summer essentials with you.

Maxi skirts to the max

Unlike the bags I own and share with you, I mostly do my outfit shopping at Zara and &Other Stories. Since super sunny days are rare in Holland, I think it’s a waste of money to spend a lot on typical summer items, like hot pants and mini skirts. Because, unless I’m on a holiday, I don’t wear that kind of items that much. So it needs a little creativity, but I always go for items I can wear during our rainy summers and during holidays. I love wearing maxi skirts! With a jumper or a t-shirt, it’s always sophisticated. And….you can hide your pale legs, hahah (click here, for my earlier post about this struggle). Continue reading Summer essentials

Pretty Perfect Pink

The Bagscout
25 April 2018

It’s spring, so finally we can wear some colour again! And what colour screams more spring vibes than pink? Exactly, non. This blushing colour is going nowhere this spring and summer season, so eat your heart out. I found some pretty perfect pink bags I would like to share with you. So sit back, relax and let me inspire you!


perfect pink bag Loewe1. Woven Basket Gingham Mini Bag Soft Pink/White – Loewe

Okay a little cheating, because this bag is not all pink, but I love this combination. I consider this bag as a perfect replacement for the straw bag and I can see myself walking on the market with tulips in it. For me it has that Birgit Bardot vibe. Yes a French Riviera vibe, and I looooove it! This bag is a contemporary version of the traditional Loewe woven baskets. It’s made of suede and calfskin and the top-handles are rolled, so pleasant to hold. A real summer favorite! (Source picture: Loewe) Continue reading Pretty Perfect Pink

Holiday issues

The Bagscout
19 April 2018

holiday The BagscoutYoehoe I’m bahack! If you follow me on Insta, you couldn’t have missed that I was enjoying Curacao for a holiday. One very happy and colourful island in the Caribbean Sea, so a sh*tload of yellow and pink (don’t worry, I’ve got a more to show, haha) passed your screen. We even had a blue house!

First world problems

In the first week of the holiday, my true Insta friend Sofie asked me why I wasn’t posting so many pictures. Besides the fact that I was on a holiday and I told myself not to think about Instagram ‘opportunities’ all the time ( which was super hard. For me and the boyfriend haha), there was another reason. I always look horrible in the first week of my holidays! No joke. I don’t know what happens, but I really don’t look like me in the beginning.

Suddenly it’s a lot hotter than it is at home and the combination of sweat and sunscreen turns my face into a “krentenbol” (probably you don’t speak Dutch, but Google it, you will know what I mean). Pimples all over the place! Not one or two, no a whole chin full. So selfies? Not an option. Continue reading Holiday issues